Yvette Ark

The Artist

About Me

I was born in London in 1964 and have been doing Art since the age of 11. From the age of two and a half years old until eleven, I lived in a Catholic Children's "home", run by Catholic nuns, and priests were part of our lives through those years. My time there, effected and changed the course of my life..... Despite this.

 I attended art college as a mature student. I have been blessed with two amazing children and grand daughter.

I was given a "gift' I realised as a child, the full purpose of this gift has become more clear over the last 12 years. These Messages I pass onto you in the hope you too will see the light that i see, even in my darkest hour's it has been my souls spiritual journey and connection to Divine knowledge and God that kept me here, so that one day I would speak of the darkness and the Light. Part of my healing has come from daily meditation and yoga, which I still do and I highly recommend this to everyone. 

   2017 Book published, Aboard the A.R.K. That covers clergy child abuse, my legal fight for acknowledgement of these crimes and my hope for all children now and in the future.

I hope to have an exibition in 2017/18. 


I hope you enjoy my work! 


Love, Peace, Respect.