Yvette Ark


I have travelled over many lives and lands.
  immersed myself with fellow man.
Absorbed all words and actions shown
  got lost, got found. Got tossed and broken
 learnt the lessons as my soul once more woken.
Seen power in the hands of misguided spokesmen
  inequality in a world where there should be value
  for all men, women and children
  irrelevant to another colour, home or religion.
Watched in wonder at nature reaching out so wide and up so tall
  watched in horror as some broke the laws and then fall.
I know there were prophets pushed down to the floor
  by sleepers grabbing for superficial rewards.
Heard birds sing their songs
  watched babies being born.
Seen sunshine in the morn
  and death after dawn,
The love and the wars
  i have witnessed it all.
Surely now we should all know
  the true journey of soul.
How we can lift up and grow
  free from life's negative overloads.