Yvette Ark

Poem 8

The hardships, the joys
  the blessings in life that we're given.
  Are to expand, to experience
  are to grow and gain wisdom.
Though some have forgotten
  their presently sleeping.
A reminder
  we're spiritual souls in human form learning and teaching.
Embrace the lessons, have faith the divine is guiding
  and everything happens for a reason.
Even when we can't see the changing seasons
  even when we forget to understand the full meaning.
Know,  with the last beat of human heart
  when this body departs.
Our souls are still in existence
  we see once more without resistance
  clarity once more becomes limitless.
When the whole of our life is on view
  when we watch back at our time, with ego removed.
Can we say hand on heart
  that we gave it our best
  learnt from the teachers who gave us unrest.
Prepared for ascension
  by learning all of life's lessons.
Is your karma in balance
  do you know love and respect rules regardless
  so take care of your thoughts, voice. Words and actions.