Yvette Ark

Poem 2

Yes I see the nightmares on their faces

 the pain and fear they still carry, crystal clear

 the trauma in their weary wept from eyes, time cannot hide

 the evidence overwhelming, children have not lied.

That darkened path that they were dragged through

 the lies that they were told

 all the evil that was forced in and then left for them to hold

 within their troubled minds, still it wrecks and roams.

Forced through beyond our childhoods

 the cries and groans continue to unfold

 adulthood it seeps out, disrupts and overloads.

Souls pathway moans, please let these go, for like this one cannot grow.

Yes I know the troubles in their lives, the things it stole, the havoc that it left behind

 I understand the reasons why,  I too lived through that struggle and strife.

But lift from all the pain and grief

 you are more than what they said and did.

The guilt,  the shame, you must erase

 the feeling you have no worth in this maze.

Take away all they should never have gave

 return them to their rightful grave

 not with us can they remain.

The burdens to us have never belonged

 carried by us for far too long.

The negativity is theirs, free yourself from their wrongs

 ascend to the light, hear Gods ever-loving song.