Yvette Ark


Holy Grail is within
self realisation is where journey begins.
Back to the source of the beam, focus away from life's movie scenes
so God, Angels and spiritual family can once again be seen
divine realms waiting to celebrate our awakening from dream.
Faith helps in the journey to see
clarity further lifted when you let go of what before, you were led to believe
life is more than what it first seemed.
Breathe, clear your mind from the din
from the clutter of worries and thoughts that aren't real
just trailers, re-runs, t.v programmes on reel.
While sleeping mind misses those spiritual reminders
no, personality and ego are not your masters
nor material possessions or unhealthy obsessions
latest fashion or the Kardasians!
Your highest-self waits for you to reconnect to souls passion
the reason we're here,  to remove the veil of illusion
life's misconceptions by rewiring lost spiritual connections.
So clear away the shadows of distraction
negative factors that block souls passage
hinders your inner church light, from shinning out from within.
In your heart and your soul are rewards
infinite unconditional love can be yours.
Free your mind, embrace Gods love thats in all
knowing and practicing the spiritual laws
gives you the keys through those wondrous doors
where universal consciousness is God and our source
enlightenment and wisdom in abundance and in store
joy as you enter and soar knowing, we have been there before.