Yvette Ark

and Still I Rise......

You knocked me down
 left me weak and struggling on the ground.
Lied and stole my most precious jewels
 respect for life that you confused
 by taking what did not belong to you
 ego is the fuel you choose.
Forgotten all of Gods most divine of rules
 through heavens highest gates, you'll be refused.
For you declined to hold the truth
 so growth won't come from better roots
Without shame or self rebuke
 you have not stopped to see the clues
 descended further to the throne of fools.
I both forgive and pity too, for I see the path you move
 and still I Rise, I Rise despite of you.
Hurt and bruised
 for some stains one can't remove
 from all the many broken rules.
Troubled sleep, wounded, meek
 from the knives forced in so deep.
Burdened, lacking self esteem
 the guilt, self blame
 all the misplaced shame.
Aren't my bad traits
 carrying too long others mistakes
 that need releasing back to their owners fate.
Now I refuse to allow this precious human life
 continue being weighed down by the magnitude
 of all the abuse,  I finally cut the noose
 and still I Rise, I Rise despite of you.