Yvette Ark

I know

I know
  embracing Gods love we can grow.  
I know
  angels and spiritual family around us float.
I know
  within we're spiritual souls
  some still sleep as they roam
  others awoke and are travelling the righteous road.
I know
  some are given heavy loads
  where the biggest lessons learnt will break the hardest codes.
Remember within we're pure heart and soul
  not the burdens of unwanted overloads.
Release others wrongs
  believe and know your more than this show,  then let it go
  clear your mind and just flow.
Lift from the madness
  ascend from the darkness
  leave go of their blindness
  find the light in your heart for forgiveness.
I know
  wisdom lifts us high above human circumstances
  one day we will all come to realise our true life's purpose.