Yvette Ark

Illuminate Holy Grail

I float above the confines of physical body
leave go of human troubles.
My soul holds no pain
my heart is on higher plains
divine wisdom is mine again.
Universal consciousness i obtain
free from life's restraints,  in this domain
i found my wings, so i fly up and away.
Into the garden of eden,....Heaven is
where Angels, Sages and Gurus call me by name
past love ones are present, children laughing as just yonder they play.
I am spiritually home from whence my soul once came
such splendour surrounds me, i can barely contain.   
Joy, unconditional love and light. God fill me, forever guiding my way
Wow,  Still i'm amazed 
gratitude,  lost are the shadows of yesterday
alls been revealed and engraved
within us all, i know waits Holy Grail.