Yvette Ark


Don't spread hate or animosity in your day
  look within, find a better way.
Ascend to where you leave your cares behind
  until at last you clear your mind
  float back home to spiritual time.
Lift up above the clouds
  it looks and feels so much better now.
Lose the sounds
  for we're floating now in holy grounds
  where angels can be seen flying  around.
Where now war is but a lesson shown
  where hate is only human grown.
Control is insecurity,  surface below
  greed,  instead of letting go.
Ascend my friends and find the light
  Love is all thats guiding right.
Reach up and hold onto Gods hand
  hold tight for you'll see wondrous lands.
As above, then so below
  it too is possible for us to sow
  promised land on earth can grow
  First we must learn to let go.