Yvette Ark

Poem 7

When i have taken my last breathe

 seen my last sight, had my last night.

Heard the last sounds as i depart

Know, i stopped  each day to appreciate all God gave

thanked him nightly for the rainbows through the haze.


When i have grown my last seed’s on earth

 had my last laugh, so good it hurts.

Looked out and gave, i didn’t turn away

 special friends were made.

Know, i saw how God paved my way

 it’s in him i thank every day.


When i have learnt all life’s lesson’s

 though some have left me hurting.

There are time’s i have not slept

 nightmares that have never left.

Lived with pain, but i forgave

 tried to behave in a respectful way.

Know, God was alway’s deep within

 with him, i could only swim.


When i have written my last word

 on subjects God know’s we all search.

Taken my last steps with hope for humankind.

Know i leave behind

 word’s of peace in all my rhymes.


When i find myself at Gods gates

 wings attached with bated breathe.

Know i had the best and worst in my time

 yet still seen the true meaning of life

 watched as God shines his light.


We are here, looking back, its so fleeting

though our time goes through many seasons.

So lets give our time for good reasons

 beacons for future generations.