Yvette Ark

As a child God came to me

As a child God came to me
 in the dark and on my knees.
I could not see
 for the pain, the grief
I felt I could not breathe.

God took my hand
 lifted me up high
so that I could see again
 the promised land .

Please first withstand
 things I didn't understand.
None would bring me pleasant dreams
 some would want to make me scream.
Expose me to the greatest risks
 leave scars that would effect the way I live.
But for the good of many kids
 suffer, so that one day I would speak of this.

The more you give
 I'll bless you for these very gifts.
It's in you that I have chosen
 to represent all my damaged children.
Be guided by my light
 I too will walk these troubled miles.
I will lift you to where angel's reside
 to Gods true bliss.
Carry your soul home, refuge for a while
 before we walk another mile.

It's in you that they have woken
 fear and pain have kept them broken.
Their nightmare's that were left unspoken
 you are to be their very spokesperson.
Bring to task those who should have known
 not to touch Gods very own,
For some in life are blind
 that's when the Devil shines
 destroying human lives.

Expel the hypocrites, the sins committed 
 remove them from their lavish cribs.
To heaven they will not ascend
 for they long ago ate with and became
 the Devils friends.
Karma gives you back
 how in life you choose to react.

In death, judgement takes account
 it is neither deaf nor blind
 there is nowhere else that one can hide, lie or bribe.
It sees all truths in life
 who trampled over Children's 
 Human Rights.